Ardent Services, Inc.

Unbiased, trained customer service experts providing meaningful feedback to help improve your overall customer experience and operations.

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With our state of the art, proprietary, reporting and data platform, we are able to provide a superior service that is considerably more up to date than the industry standard. Our experienced IT team works hands on with us and our clients to ensure the reporting analysis and distribution exceeds expectations.

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The team members at Ardent have years of experience within the industry ranging from conducting shops across all sectors of business, years of retail operations on the receiving end of third party audits and launching quality control programs for various restaurants that are regional, national, and international. Our strong relationships with our team members, our ongoing feedback and follow up we provide, along with our hiring first from within policy before branching out contribute to our success. All of our schedulers, editors, and recruiters were first shoppers for us before settling in to their current roles. They all have the field auditing experience and have proven themselves within the industry for a number of years.

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We only recruit our field auditors and shoppers that have achieved various certification levels within the industry. In addition to this initial screening process, we train our recruiters to seek the highest quality shoppers through applications, writing samples, and phone call/email follow up. We also have ongoing follow up and feedback with our shoppers to make sure they are up to date on the latest client criteria and are still providing the high quality reports we expect.

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