Ardent Services, Inc. is a Mystery Shopping Company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on quality comprehensive evaluations for but not limited to the restaurant, retail, hotel, and airline industries.

about-icon-1Professional  Service

We provide a professional, customized evaluation service which is tailored to meet the individual goals of our clients in the following categories: Customer Service, Merchandise Integrity, Competitor Performance Comparisons, Competitor Price Comparisons, and Store Standards. We are able to provide a superior service because of our associate’s history and experience in the restaurant, retail and service industries.

Training Procedures

Our selective hiring and ongoing quality training procedures allow us to have the most qualified associates (mystery shoppers) and analysts available. Our associates are trained to understand not only how to conduct the shops, but how their performance (their observations) can affect a company or an associate. By understanding the seriousness of the data compiled along with our passion for the business, clients will receive complete, accurate, and detailed data representing the company’s performance. In addition, it is a top priority of ours to keep the client data confidential, as we understand how valuable the data is to the clients and competitors.


We have the reputation of being very hands on with our clients and ensuring we understand their mission and vision so that our evaluations are in line with those same values. We understand the importance of collecting data and observations and delivering both in meaningful ways on a continual basis by way of summary, trend, and comparison reports.

Customer Service Evaluation

Identifying customer satisfaction levels, sense of urgency levels, policy compliance, selling skills and adherence to operational guidelines.

Merchandise Integrity Evaluation

Focusing on merchandising and point of purchase issues; including, but not limited to, the stocking, placement and pricing of specific merchandise and POP materials.

Store Standards Evaluation

Сoncentrates on facility appearance and/or product quality.

Competitor Performance Evaluation

Identifies performance levels; including, salesmanship, selling skills, employee personality, merchandise issues and store standards.

Associate Incentive Program

On the spot recognition/rewarding when employees provide or achieve customer satisfaction or adhere to company promotions.