It seems very appropriate that ardent is synonymous with passionate which we believe we need to be with our client’s mission and vision in order for it to be a healthy relationship.


Specializing in fast casual over the last twenty years provides us a competitive advantage over our competitors. Most of the restaurants experiencing exponential growth today are in the fast casual sector. We were an integral part of a fast casual concept growing from 100 restaurants to over 1700, not just nationally but globally.

Because of our exposure to the restaurant industry it has driven us to be more knowledgeable about all different kinds of food and restaurant concepts and we are constantly working on ways to help restaurants be more efficient, operational compliant, and most importantly, a pillar of memorable customer service.



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Ardent’s management team has over twenty years of retail operations experience which has been very valuable in our customer service, merchandise integrity, and store standards evaluations. This results in very detailed reporting with meaningful data that can be used for training all throughout the different tiers of operation ranks.


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The Hospitality industry is a multibillion dollar industry in which the consumer has an abundance of choices within each of the various categories. Helping to ensure that the service you are providing is paramount and partnering with a company that puts customer service first is an investment that will pay long term dividends.


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